Super Mom (or Dad!)

Super Mom (or Dad!)

The myth of doing it all.

Hello, my name is Jenny and I suffer from super mom complex.

We all know this disease. Most of us fall prey to it at some point – that mistaken belief we can do it all. Where do we get the idea we can keep the house clean, the yard manicured, grow a huge garden, make homemade meals, keep on top of laundry and dishes, raise the kids, participate in every activity, work, and possibly even homeschool? I don't know about you, but just writing that list wore me out!

I am a pretty organized person, but even I can't do all the above on my own. I work full-time, from home, and am the primary breadwinner. I've found a rhythm that allows me to get most of my work done early in the morning before the kids wake up and a couple of hours in the evening. That leaves me about 10 hours in the day, after sleeping and working, to do the rest.

First, I had to give up on some expectations. My house will never be perfectly clean, since most household chores are my kids' domain. I've found a way to be happy with streaky mirrors and dusty mantels, while still complementing my kids on a chore well done. My laundry will never be perfectly folded, because my husband stepped up to do it and crisp corners just aren't a priority for him. That's okay, too.

I manage to cook a homemade meal most of the time, but some nights we just have to live off of crackers, cheese and grapes. My husband and I manage to keep a huge garden that provides most of our produce, but we just accept the fact that we'll be wacking down giant weeds at the end of the season. Who has time to weed? Sometimes, even, the grass gets a bit long before we find a moment to fire up the mower and trim it.

On top of it all, we still manage to homeschool too. I dedicate about three hours daily to hands-on school time with my kids. Our days aren't always perfect, but we do our best. Not everyday in a school classroom is perfect. I try to collect curriculum and organize the school year in summer when we have more time, but I still often end up staying up late on a Sunday night putting together last minute things for the upcoming week.

I'm not a super mom, but I think I definitely qualify for girl wonder status. Sometimes being good at everything just has to mean being good enough, not perfect.